The Youssef-Warren Foundation

Founded in 1997, the Youssef-Warren Foundation is a private family foundation that leverages other donors’ support to advance the arts, conservation and healthcare. While its mandate allows for a range of activities, the Foundation’s Board has focused on three areas of activity, namely Conservation of the Environment with a focus on Wildlife Conservation, The Arts with a focus on Emerging Artists and Health Care with a focus on Continuing Care for the Elderly.

Arts Arts

Canada faces a particular challenge in supporting its artist community because of its proximity to the U.S. with its sizable artist community and available support to the arts. We have focused on supporting theatre companies that have continuing programs to encourage young artists to develop their creative work in all aspects of live theatre. This has encompassed both large and small organizations.


The threat to wildlife arises from population growth and the encroachment on wildlife habitat. Yet for any program that aims at conserving wildlife to be truly successful, it must be economically beneficial to surrounding communities. Accordingly, we focus our support on organizations that take a holistic approach to conservation that benefits wildlife and the local communities.


Canada’s aging population is a rapidly growing issue. We are focusing on continuing care to address this increasingly important matter and to make the remaining days of the elderly more comfortable. While many existing programs are in early development, with the aging of the population, they are assuming more importance.

Focus on the long term

In all three areas, the Foundation has supported a limited number of organizations to ensure that the relationships are long term and that the contributions do make a difference.

It is the policy of the Foundation to ensure that all funds provided go directly to the benefit of the groups or individuals intended to benefit by the donation. We favour organizations that keep administrative costs to a minimum. We recognize the importance of knowing donations are well spent. We believe that donations are more personal if individuals or groups can work towards a project they have chosen.

We declare that the funds raised by the Foundation are allocated to the purposes indicated in the goals and objectives of The Youssef-Warren Foundation.

Our Directors and Officers


James (Jason) Stewart, President

Board of Directors

Marcus Youssef
George Youssef
Susan Warren
Patricia Scott
Beth Thompson