The Arts

The foundation welcomes applications from arts organizations. We recognize that applying involves a significant amount of time and energy. Here are a few things for you to consider as you make the decision whether or not to apply.


  • Applicants must be a registered charitable organization in Canada, and meet the Canada Council for the Arts’ definition of a professional organization.
  • For the purposes of this application an emerging artist is defined as someone who has completed recognized, professional training, and has less than seven years professional experience as a working artist.


  • Please be as clear as possible in your application about what you imagine your projects’ benefit to emerging artists will be.
  • Please also articulate an example of your organization’s history with mentorship and/or working with emerging artists.
  • Projects that clearly and directly address both the projects benefit to emerging artists and the organization’s capacity to provide support to them have the highest odds of success.
  • The foundation does not provide operating support for arts organization.

Decision-making Process

Decisions are made by the Board of Directors. Additionally, because of his work in the cultural sector, Director Marcus Youssef recuses himself from all arts-related funding decisions and does not contribute to any deliberations or decision-making.

Below are some of the organizations we have supported over the years.
Click the logos to visit their websites.

Gardiner Museum